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Three Dots Entertainment
    Three Dots Entertainment is a dynamic film production and distribution company formed with the objective of 
producing genre-driven films and working with young talents to bring new energy to Taiwan cinema.
    Founded in March 2003 by a new generation of film professionals with background in marketing, law, distribution, a
nd extensive network connections both locally and internationally, Three Dots aims to combine creative talent with alternate 
resources in financing & distribution, and produce quality titles suitable for worldwide audiences.
    The company completed its first feature film Formula 17, a teenage comedy directed by 23 year-old first time director CHEN 
Yin-Jung. Shot on a shoestring budget, the film was selected as the Opening Film of the 2004 Taipei Film Festival Global Chinese 
Film & Video Program, and then was released domestically on April 2, 2004 on four screens. After 8 weeks of release, the film achieved a 
remarkable box office of 8.4 million NT (~U.S.$250,000) nationwide. Lead actor Tony Yang also picked up Best New Performer at the recent
 Golden Horse Awards for his performance. Internationally, the film has sold to Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Germany,
 Benelux, Israel, Korea, Australia, and the U.S….etc., and been invited to Pusan International Film Festival 2004, Asia-Pacific Film Festival
 2004, Stockholm International Film Festival 2004, and Palm Springs International Film Festival 2005.
    Since then, Three Dots Entertainment picked up its pace and produced four more feature films. Horror The Heirloom, directed by another 
newcomer Leste Chen, was released in Taiwan by Buena Vista International on September 16. The film scored the highest opening weekend box
 office for a local film since “Double Vision”. The film has been sold to Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Thailand, Spain,
 Poland, U.K., U.S., Slovakia, Romania, Russia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Ukraine, and Greece. The Shoe Fairy, financed by Hong Kong superstar
 Andy Lau’s company Focus Films, is a romantic fairytale directed by Robin Lee, who had won a Golden Horse award for her previous short film 
The Magical Wash Machine. The film premiered at Pusan International Film Festival 2005 New Currents Competition, and was invited to Tokyo 
International Film Festival Winds of Asia section. Next, Catch, re-teaming Formula 17 director DJ Chen with star Tony Yang, is an action
 comedy about a film extra who gets the role of a lifetime… only to find out he’s literally acting for his life. It was released by Buena 
Vista International on March 24, 2006 in Taiwan. In 2007, Three Dots Entertainment produced its first co-production film with China- My DNA
 Says I Love You, directed by Robin Lee, and starring a roster of young stars, including Yu Nan who later won worldwide acclaim in Tuya’s Marriage.
    In addition to production activities, Three Dots Entertainment began to buy and distribute innovative Asian films by maverick directors, 
including Hong Kong star Daniel Wu’s hilarious directorial debut The Heavenly Kings, two titles from Focus First Cuts series- I’ll Call U and
 Love Story, and Miike Takashi’s Crows: Episode 0. Continuing its commitment to nurturing new talents, Three Dots also took on international 
sales duties on Leste Chen’s heartbreaking youth drama Eternal Summer, and Zero Chou’s Spider Lilies. The former competed in Pusan International 
Film Festival 2006 New Currents section, while the latter won the prestigious Teddy Bear award at the Berlin International Film Festival 2007.
    This year, Three Dots has finished shooting the first slasher horror film to emerge from the territory- Invitation Only, directed by Kevin
 Ko and now in post-production. Three Dots is currently handling international sales of Zero Chou’s Berlin entry Drifting Flowers, and developing 
projects for further expansion into the greater Chinese market.
Formula 17 (2004)
The Heirloom (2005)
The Shoe Fairy (2005)
Catch (2006)
My DNA Says I Love You (2007)
Invitation Only (2008)
Eternal Summer (2006)
Spider Lilies (2007)
Drifting Flowers (2008)
Candy Rain (2008)
Finishing the Game (2008)
Lala’s Gun (2008/2009)

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